A Bass Player's Rock and Roll Journey

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Lost In Detroit

What is and What Should Never Be

This was Driving While Blind just before it ended.

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Walk Don't Run

This is TMT, Ted - Drums, Mark - Guitar, and Todd - Bass. We have been playing together off and on, mostly off, for over 30 years.

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Exit Stage Left

I wrote this song in 1993 when I was with the original version of Zone One. This is my hit song for sure. Of all my original songs, this one gets the most positive feedback. This version was recorded in 2005. I still play this song with cover bands and people are blow away by it. It's a great song.
Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals...Todd Schacherl
Lead Guitar...Scott Keyser

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Tell You

Written in 1991 as part of my effort to start an original band. This is pure pop. This song appeared first on our EP we released in 1992.
Music & Lyrics...Todd Schacherl
Guitars...Ken Cook
Vocals...Peter St. John
Drums...Lorenz Cornleisen
Bass...Todd Schacherl

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Devil's Candy

This was one of my first attempts at song writing. I had recently purchased a Kawai K4 and a MIDI setup with CakeWalk and with some help from friends and a 4-track Tascam recorder, this is what we got.
Music & Lyrics...Todd Schacherl
Lead Guitar...Dave DiMarco
Lead Vocals...Jim Melfy
Keys, Bass, Drums...Todd Schacherl

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This is another keyboard oriented song but the intro lead/rhythm guitar is one of my favorite's of Mark's work. It's also one of my better examples on lead guitar.
Music...Todd Schacherl
Lead Guitar...Mark Thompson
Bass, Drums, Keys, Guitars...Todd Schacherl

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