Zone One Logo


  • A Name is Born


    While sitting at a stop light thinking about the name we were using, Drop Zone, which came from our active skydiving at the time, I suddenly thought of Zone One. As soon as I said it, I knew it was the name I wanted for my band. It wouldn't be until several years later that I actually used it for a band name. Instead I used it for the name of my business.

  • Zone One Studios


    Zone One Studios was born from a brain storming session between Scott Keyser and myself. We were looking into anything we could to create a business involving music. Having dealt with trying to find rehearsal space in the Bay Area, we knew what a hassle it was. That started us thinking about what the ultimate rehearsal studio woudl look like.

  • Zone One, the Band


    After being frustrated with bands that showed promise but would eventually fall apart due to the differing goals of the members, Todd decided to build a band from the ground up. Todd put together a couple dozen original songs and then sought out a guitar player to work out the songs. Once they had them down, they started looking for a drummer and eventually a singer. By 1992, the band was complete with Ken Cook on guitar, Lorenz Cornelisen on drums, Peter St. John on vocals, and Todd Schacherl on bass.

  • Zone One Releases CD "Almost There"


    December of 2022 is the release of Zone One's first full album. It contains ten songs including eight new songs, one old one, and one cover by the band The Moody Blues. It contains a variety of songs including our first rap song. It can be found on Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, iTunes and many other platforms.